About Daniel Morad

A lot of people ask me what I do in life. For most race car drivers, it’s a pretty straight forward question. Aside from being a World Karting Champion, Formula BMW Champion and winning races Internationally, I try to be more than just a race car driver. So of course, I am a Canadian race car driver from Toronto, but that is a pretty vague answer.

I love what I do.
What exactly is that?

Well, when I’m not racing around the world, I am the Motorsport Ambassador for Porsche Centre Oakville during the race season, Performance Brand Ambassador for Audi Canada in my off season, and mentor young up and coming talent in karting year round.

Aside from motorsport related activities

I like to keep busy away from the track. When I was 10 years old, my peers made fun of me for being a little chubby. I quickly decided to do something about it and joined my local soccer club. I continue to play to this day in drop ins and Sunday leagues. I love also love playing hockey. I mean, I am Canadian after all. I play tennis and squash as well. Okay let’s clarify this, I am a sports junkie. I love sports!

A State of Moradness

I also found a passion for music in 2009 and started making mix tapes to work out to. That quickly escalated and within the first few months, I had my first big gig. I go by the DJ name, Moradness.

When I was 8 years old

I spectated my first racing event at the Toronto Indy, I was asking around for autographs and pictures with the drivers. They were all heroes in my eyes. Some were nicer than others. That really left an imprint on my life. I was heartbroken that day by many drivers. I am thankful to those who broke my heart that day because it made me the man I am today. No matter what, I will always have time for the people who come to support what we do.

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